Niles began his career in music as a drummer from Phoenix, Arizona. The now Nashville,Tennessee based Engineer / Producer grew up playing in numerous bands. Tracking on his first album in 1999 was just the beginning of many recordings to come for him. Straight out of high school He landed a record deal with Equal Vision Records. The deal enabled his band to pair up with producer Mark Trombino; whose name lends itself to acts such as Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, Mineral, and No Knife. It was out of this experience that Niles rediscovered his passion for audio. With several records and dozens of tours under his belt, Niles closed that chapter of his life and used it to serve as the stepping stone into a much broader spectrum of music, art, and creativity. In pursuing other avenues, Niles worked as a session drummer and as the front of house engineer; all while attending The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science. Completing this program enabled Niles to start getting his feet wet and his foot in the door of professional audio engineering. 

Leaving no time to waste, He jumped into a Uhaul on the day of his graduation and relocated to Nashville. He immediately started to work under multi-Grammy award winning Engineer Vance Powell [Jack White, Kings of Leon, Buddy Guy, etc.] and Producer Mitch Dane [Jars of Clay, JJ Heller, etc.] at Sputnik Sound. After spending two years with Vance and Mitch, he had developed relationships with award winning artists, songwriters, and musicians. During this time Niles gained several dozen second engineer credits in addition to his own producing credits. In early 2011, Niles began his journey into the world of full-time freelance engineering and producing.

In 2014, after juggling engineering for more “major” sessions, or making a full time jump to sctricly producing and working on artist development, He decided to jump in with both feet. In the summer of 2014 He built a private space, “The Chapel”. A dark lit, cozy enviroment, designed to disconnect from the outside world, relax, and simply create. The room is built around the legendary 32 Channel Sphere Eclipse C Console, paired with ProTools HD, and running on Lynx convertors. Monitoring from Bryston and Proac, and is equipped with world class gear from Urie, RCA, Telefunken, Sony, Retro and Purple to name a few.

Continually motivated to make the most honest, creative, and comfortable experience possible, Niles concentrates on truly capturing the best version of the artist possible. Whether that entails encouraging the artist to relax, or push to step outside the box of their comfort zone, Niles creates an environment that explores all possibilities. With an incredible fondness for human imperfections, Niles describes, “they [imperfection] keep things feeling sincere. Music, to me, is about the space and air surrounding the notes; not seeing how much you can cram into a bucket before it overflows… It is important to invest time in helping new talent that hasn’t had their big break yet. I strive to create the sounds we hear in our heads. Enabling our thoughts to translate through the speakers.” Niles is a firm believer in continually pushing himself to be the very best he can be and perpetually developing his art to blend, "the classic recordings we all love with the always changing culture we live in today."