Joshua D. Niles is a Nashville, TN based record producer, engineer, and mixer who’s work for both major labels and independent artists has landed on Billboard, TV / Film, Radio, topped iTunes and Spotify worldwide charts and has had multiple Beats 1 worldwide premiers. 

Niles started his career over 15 years ago signed to Equal Vision Records, making albums with Mark Trombino [Jimmyeatworld, Blink 182, Mineral]. After the artist chapter came to a end, focus shifted, and he began training at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences to fine tune his skills as a engineer. Shortly after relocating to Nashville to began work at Nashville’s renowned Sputnik Studios where He started a 2 year stretch under multi-Grammy award winning Engineer Vance Powell [Jack White, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Chris Stapleton, etc.] and Producer Mitch Dane [Jars of Clay, JJ Heller, etc.] Throughout the years he began producing on his own in studios all around the country. 

From day one Niles has been chasing art with integrity. With a continual strive to make the most honest albums possible, He is steadfast in trying to bring to fruition the best version of each artist. He is someone who creates an environment to explore all possibilities, never wanting to be put inside a box or fall weak to the formulaic procedure and sonics commonly found in today’s music. He aspires to help each artist reach for their identity, while retaining a competitive edge in today’s over saturated market. He is someone who wants to help take his 15+ years of experience, meetings, successes and failures and help work along side to capture their vision. Niles finds his passion pulling from the "feeling", utilizing the tools around to capture sincere and genuine performances. With fondness for "little imperfections", Niles describes "We are what keeps things feeling real, music is about the space and air surrounding the notes, not seeing how much you can cram into the bucket before it overflows". He’s someone who listens, dives into the nuances, helping create a voice with the goal of capturing something genuine. Forever chasing where music might be heading next. "It's my job to invest the time to help the sounds we all hear in our heads, translate through the speakers." 

In 2014 He acoustically designed and built “The Chapel”, a commercial grade studio for production and mixing work. A dark lit, cozy environment, designed to disconnect from the outside world, relax, and simply create. The room is built around the legendary 32 Channel Sphere Eclipse C Console, paired with ProTools HD, and running on Lynx convertors. Monitoring from Bryston and Proac, and is equipped with world class gear from Urie, RCA, Telefunken, Sony, Retro and Purple to name a few.