For over a decade I have worked in studios around the county as an engineer and record producer. I have become painfully aware of the lack of attention given to acoustically sound and properly isolated recording environments, especially in today’s world of “The Home Studio”. I’ve walked into more rooms than I can count, of working professionals, where the accuracy could have been substantially improved with a few practical changes. A proper acoustically treated environment saves the producer, mix engineer headaches, and in return the client valuable time and money.

So, here I am now, trying to bridge the gap between million dollar rooms, today’s industry, and our needs. I’m not a licensed acoustician working off a pen and paper, I am however a working engineer and producer with seasoned ears, and the tools that can provide options that span from studio design and building, sound isolation, acoustic design and tuning, and work within your budget. I work with you to help you reach your goal of working in a comfortable room that you can trust. You can be as hands on or off as you prefer. Whether than means I’m designing a room from the ground up or transforming an existing structure into a critical listening environment? Are we needing to isolate from outside noise and vibrations? What are your aesthetic preferences? What is your budget? I’m here to work for you whether or not your space is that awkward bedroom in the back of a house or a blank canvas. 

Experience, training, and schooling along side industry standard software has given me the necessary tools to provide you with a room within the acoustical standards for a two channel listening environment. I start with a room analysis to calculate and show you all of the discrepancies. From outside noise interruptions, to full-band frequency response, room reverberation times across all bandwidths, low end clarity, electrical issues, and HVAC issues. I will take the results and come back with practical solutions fitting within your needs, we will prioritize your goals, and come up with a game plan. 

From there I will act as project manager. Whether that is as simple as acquiring the necessary treatments and mounting everything appropriately. Or bringing in a crew of licensed professionals to work from the ground up. I will assist you every step of the way.